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Bloom of Life

Effio socks - Bloom of Life - 2014 A/W

Moments before

Between Times

Effio - Between Times - A gentleman's sock collection -
Organic cotton

Eye to Eye with socks; ANTOINE PETERS

Effio x Antoine Peters 'Eye to Eye with socks'

Pioneers 2007-2014

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Effio © Life is about details

Effio is a first-class sock brand for the well-mannered gent. Effio believes life is about details and preaches attentiveness and to keep sharp. An all-day event could grow out to become a sweeping change. We only use the best of design, colour and quality. Craftsmanship at its finest. A sock that breaths finesse comes into being. Effio brings the outfit to perfection or could even be noted as the start of it.
Dutch Design, Italian Production.

Effio - packaging