Royal Cashmere 2017 Winter

The Cashmere King Collection is the true monarch of the sock empire

Effio crowns her ten years of existence with this royal cashmere collection. It ensures warmth, comfort and regal style for its wearers this winter. Our very first over the calf socks are a stylish fact – in limited edition. A must-have for every Effio enthusiast. Of course they are also available in the length you have accustomed to – just long enough to cover the calves. More good news! Effio’s ultimate winter socks are in stock once again: the cashmere wool blend. They offer the ultimate protection against the cold, are as soft as a sheep and possess the iconic Effio style.
We can’t make them more Kingly than this!

Koninklijk Kasjmier sokken collectie - Effio 2017 Winter

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La Vie en Rose 2017 Autumn

To celebrate Effio's anniversary, we launch wintercollection 'La Vie en Rose'. With a flower spectacle, Effio celebrates its ten-year commitment to love with stylish men's socks. Effio was inspired by the song 'La Vie en Rose' written by Édith Piaf. This wonderful lovesong that was written in 1946 ended up being loved by many. Hear the Effio-fans sing: 'Everyday socks / It does something to me / He entered my heart / A portion of luck'. Effio's ten-year love does not concern everyday socks but it concerns the celebration of a rosy life.

In the Winter of 2007, Effio launched its first collection of Italian-crafted men's socks. Effio believed in the celebration of a rosy life. With this, Effio initiated the end of a well-known era: the black socks era. From this moment onwards, twenty colourful and unique collections were designed within a period of ten years. Many Effio-fans, both national and international, mostly quirky, outspoken and creative minds, will feel connected with the collection 'La Vie en Rose'. This is where Effio's best and most beautiful of the past ten years meet. Effio's unique designs in new colour combinations. La Vie en Rose!

La Vie en Rose - Effio

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Sir William Morris

Inspired by William Morris (1834-1896, London), Effio created an imaginary world of organic harmony and symmetry.

This collection shows serenity in striking colour combinations and harmonious design of flowered socks with birds in repetitive symmetry. This collection does not only suit Morris' fantasy genre but also the Arts and Crafts movement of which Morris was seen as representative. Socks can be considered pieces of art in which an everyday object is meticulously designed and directly connected to its original function. Just like Morris imagined. The Effio collection is the result of Italian craft and handwork of the Milan-based Bertoletti family. Like signore Bertoletti regularly says: ''Attentione! We are the best in what we do!''

William Morris Imaginary World - Effio 2017SS

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Like Father Like Son

The matching variant of our ‘Uniform’ sock is the ideal maternity gift for every father (to be) and son. Effio’s ‘Like Father Like Son’ collection is based on the inspiring relationship between father and son. In the early stage of a child’s life, a father plays an exemplary role as ‘a man’. He gives his son a mature and manly perspective on the world and passes on the appreciation of detail and refinement.

‘Like Father Like Son’ is available as exclusive Effio giftbox including one pair of Uniform socks for the father and three pairs of baby Uniform for the son (in three different colours). ‘Daddy, I look more and more like you’.

It starts with details.

Effio Like Father Like Son

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